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Mellivo Wicking Top Feeder

Mellivo Strong Box Two Deep Hive Kit

Mellivo Medium Honey Super W/Frames

Mellivo Deep Frame BLK

Mellivo Teliscoping Top

Mellivo Strong Coated Peaked Copper Roofed Top

Mellivo Deep Frame NAT Foundation

Mellivo Medium Frame NAT Foundation

Mellivo Stong Box Deep Brood Box W/Frames

Mellivo Solid Bottom Board

Mellivo 5 Tool Starter Kit

Mellivo Frame Grip

Mellivo Soft Brush

Mellivo Frame Perch

Mellivo Hive Tool

Mellivo Smoker

Mellivo Queen Excluder Stainless Steel


Mellivo Mite Board

Mellivo Vented Suit

Mellivo Vented Jacket

Mellivo Vented Glove Child-Med-LG-XXLG

Mellivo Viel

Mellivo Two Frame Plastic Extractor

Mellivo 12.6 fl oz (375ml) Victorian Square Jar w/ Gold Lid

Mellivo Deluxe Four Frame Extractor W/Motor

Mellivo Cold Knife

Mellivo Hot Knife


Mellivo Uncapping Scratcher

Mellivo Honey Gate

Mellivo Mouse Guard

Mellivo Honey Strainer Stainless Steel


Mellivo 3.7 fl oz (110ml) Victorian Square Jar w/ Gold Lid

Mellivo 1 Gallon Thrive Syrup

Mellivo In-Hive Feeder

Mellivo Entrance Feeder

Mellivo Pollen Patty

Mellivo 5 Gallon Thrive Syrup

About Mellivo

We at BeeSpace LLC, are a no gimmicks company. Our Patented MELLIVO STRONG COATED™ Equipment is a straightforward sell. It is “Expert Tested, Bee Approved,” and far surpasses the quality of any of our competitions’ woodenware.


  • A proven Manufactured Quality
  • Comes backed by an FDA Food Grade Certification
  • Military Grade Field Tested Reliability, Proven to stand up to the Elements of Nature and Man

Our MELLIVO STONG COATED™ Apiary Equipment, far bests anything found in the industry today. BeeSpace LLC, is committed and proud to be able to offer this product line at a comparable price to that of our competitors’ out of date products.

Our MELLIVO STONG COATED™ Equipment is a 100% American Made, being produced in Medford Oregon and in a 200 thousand square foot manufacturing facility; this facility insures our ability to keep up with the growing hobby and commercial demand for beekeeping equipment.

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Mellivo Protective Gear


Mellivo Strong Coat Durability Test


 Mellivo Five Tool Starter Kit


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