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Keeping Bees

 “Keeping Bees” is inherently a local activity like Gardening. Realizing this, the founders of Mellivo Beekeeping set forth to create a way for beekeepers to connect and learn with beekeepers in their area. Thus we founded the “Keeping Bees” network of social media pages for beekeepers. Currently, a page has been set up in every state in the United States, and in every province in Canada to help aid beekeepers in their beekeeping endeavors.  We hope that you will take advantage of this resource and connect with other beekeepers. Find the Link below, and locate your area. And like “Keeping Bees” on Facebook.

“Keeping Bees” is a group of regional social networking Facebook pages set up to aid beekeepers in connecting with their local peers.  On the “Keeping Bees,” pages people are urged to communicate their experiences and learn from others. Keeping Bees connects beekeepers from urban, suburban, and rural settings, and helps them share their different beekeeping techniques and understandings with others in their area. We encourage all beekeepers to get involved and learn from each other; Commercial, Sideliners, Seasoned Backyard Veterans, and the NewBees, all have something to offer to one another.  So “CLICK” your location below to connect, follow and start learning from other beekeepers in your area now.



Ever wonder how a bee can fly up to 5 miles away from her hive and find her way home? Check out the MyBeeline.co article and learn how The Honey Compass works. Download the Twitter app

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