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About Mellivo


  • BeeSpace LLC, is a family owned wholesaler of Beekeeping Products.
  • BeeSpace LLC, is goal oriented to provide a full line of quality apiary equipment to Commercial and Retail based entities at an affordable and completive price; we market around our superior product line of patented woodenware.

Success Factors:

We at BeeSpace LLC, are a no gimmicks company. Our Patented MELLIVO STRONG COAT™ Equipment is a straightforward sell. It is “Expert Tested, Bee Approved,” and far surpasses the quality of any of our competitions’ apiary equipment.


  • Proven Manufactured Quality
  • Is FDA Food Grade
  • Is Military Grade
  • And is Field Tested Reliable

Our MELLIVO STONG COAT™ Apiary Equipment, far bests anything found in the industry today. BeeSpace LLC, is committed and proud to be able to offer this product line at a comparable price to that of our competitors’ out of date products.

Our MELLIVO STONG COAT™ Equipment is a 100% American Made, being produced in Medford Oregon in a 200 thousand square foot manufacturing facility; this facility insures our ability to keep up with the growing hobby and commercial demand for beekeeping equipment.


BeeSpace LLC offers a unique marketing skill set. We use our competitively priced patented products to market a full line of beekeeping equipment to our retail partners and commercial based clientele. This line of equipment improves our partner’s profit margins. BeeSpace’s MELLIVO COAT™ Equipment draws the customer in because of its superiority, and is then surrounded by an equally durable and affordable full line of MELLIVO™ Equipment.

Selling our Patented Apiary Equipment with our full line of MELLIVO™ products, crates an unprecedented sales appeal for the hobbyist and commercial beekeeper, which is a win/win, for BeeSpace LLC, our retail/commercial partners and their end users.

Unique Offerings:

Our retail partners have benefited by our expertise in beekeeping and in our products. Their customers expect to be able to have a wide array of beekeeping questions answered by the store employees and managers.

We have been able to provide training to ensure that they are able to provide the necessary customer support, which further increased customer loyalty and sales. We are currently working on producing a full line of training videos, which will be posted on our page for our customers to use at their disposal. As well as we manage a state by state social media support line to ensure our customers are getting the information they need pertaining to their locations.

History of Ownership:

In 2012 Thomas G. Hopkins came up with the idea of the MELLIVO STONG COAT™ and filed for a patent with the hopes to revolutionizing the beekeeping industry. Hopkins with his Mother Karla Kay Hopkins and Father Thomas G. Hopkins JR. formed the family owned company BeeSpace LLC, who now owns and produces the MELLIVO product line including the now patented Mellivo Strong Coat equipment line.

Mellivo Strong Coat™

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